Spicy Blend


A savory, hand blended, firey mix of spices – super immune boosting and blood cleansing – multi-purpose! [all organic] Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Beet Root, Cayenne & Rainbow Pepper!

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Spicy Blend is an all organic, immune-boosting, fresh ground mix of spices meant to increase your blood flow, improve your circulation and keep your whole system fired up! It can be used in any culinary dish or beverage of your choice! We love it in lemon water first thing in the morning or a hot cup of cacao for an extra kick! Spicy Blend is great to travel with, as it keeps you feeling healthy and offers a well-rounded flavor to any meal! [[These jars are 4.5 ounces]] and should last a modest spice user a few months!


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